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Dazzle the Neighbourhood with Beautiful Permanent Outdoor LED Christmas Lighting


Permanent Outdoor LED Christmas Lighting


Do you love Christmas, but hate the thought of decorating? You’re not alone! Many of us approach the annual ritual of putting up the Christmas lights with dread. This is with good reason! Decorating a home’s exterior can be dangerous: an Alberta study found that each year, dozens of Canadians suffer falls from ladders while decorating. Several of these falls have serious, life-changing consequences, and some even result in death. If you love Christmas, but don’t love the hassles of untangling strings of lights, replacing bulbs, finding cords that will reach a power source, and climbing a shaky extension ladder in icy weather – permanent outdoor LED Christmas lighting may be the best yuletide present you will ever give yourself!


Christmas Decorating Made Easy


Professionally installed, durable and weatherproof LED strip lighting is revolutionizing exterior decorating for that most treasured of family holidays, Christmas. Better products are virtually invisible when unlit, but can create vivid and colourful displays with the touch of a remote or a handy smartphone app. Choose traditional red and green bulbs or try frosty blues and whites. Warm, blinking multicolour lights will delight your kids or grandkids. With easy control of colour, patterns, intensity, and speed, you can create a light display that will become a neighbourhood highlight.


Think of the time spent stapling lights to the eaves. Or, the time picking them up and re-installing after wind knocks them down. No need to invest in a collection of replacement bulbs. Installing permanent outdoor Christmas lighting means no more plugging and unplugging, or taking strings down once the season is over. Now you can have the best Christmas light display on your street with the touch of a finger – and have more free time to spend sipping peppermint cocoa, caroling, and sitting by the fire with family.


Not Just for Christmas


Once you have your permanent outdoor LED Christmas lights installed, you’ll begin to find other ways throughout the year to use them. Light up with Halloween orange to let the trick-and-treaters know you’ve got candy for them, or go emerald green to show your Irish pride on St. Patrick’s Day. Flash red and white in honour of the flag on Canada Day, or highlight spring colours on Easter Sunday. There are lots of holidays that deserve light displays!


You can use your lights to highlight family celebrations, too. Create a show to welcome home a family member who’s been away for university, or light up for a teen’s birthday sleepover. Flash pink for a girl or blue for a boy when a new baby joins the family.


And, of course, you can use the lights to display your team spirit, too. On Grey Cup Sunday, go blue and white for the Argos, or Roughrider green. Make the lights flash every time your team scores a touchdown.


You can also use the lights to illuminate the façade of your house, or to create a beautiful light portrait of your home. LED lights are extremely long-lasting, and can last more than twenty years, even when used six to eight hours per day. These types of lights are eco-friendly, non-toxic, and recyclable, and they’re extremely energy-efficient.


Call the professionals today and learn more about beautiful, permanent outdoor LED Christmas lighting.